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Before getting to Nice I wanted to explore Paris

The Luxembourg Gardens are some of the most beautiful gardens in Paris. This is the eastern entrance to the gardens, the busiest entrance. It’s on the boulevard Saint-Michel in the Latin Quarter. Marie de Medicis had the gardens built in the s to resemble Florence. Today, the French Senate owns the gardens and makes them available to the public. They are peaceful and beautifully maintained, with flowers blooming year-round. When old flowers die or wilt, new ones are planted. In the background is the Palais du Luxembourg, where the Senate meets. A large part of the gardens alternates between trees and open, manicured lawns.

A small marionette theater in the gardens has delighted children since . Of course, adults are welcome as well. Looks like The Three Little Pigs and Pinocchio are currently playing. This is one of several small restaurants in the gardens. American high-school bands on tour through Europe often give concerts here. (I’ve removed the music because of copyright trolling on YouTube—sorry.) This band is visiting from Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota. They played a medley of Henry Mancini music, The Liberty Bell by Sousa, and other stuff. At least high-school bands have stopped playing Star Wars music in march time. As I’ve said, there are many manicured lawns and other landscaping in the gardens. This is one of the few places in Paris where traffic noise is not a constant presence. Other areas of the park have many trees but no special ground cover. Places to sit are very abundant. You can sit all day without being disturbed. This is the -story dome of the Panthéon, east of the gardens in the Latin Quarter.

The portion of the gardens south of the palace is very beautifully landscaped. In other areas, walking paths wind among carefully tended lawns. There are zillions of chairs in the gardens. In nice weather, they are all occupied. And no, nobody steals the chairs (I’ve been asked about that several times). I prefer to stroll rather than sit, but the gardens can accommodate all preferences. Most of the paths are compressed earth, but a few are paved. Fluffy clouds were drifting across the sky when I recorded this. So the sun keeps appearing and disappearing. Typical Paris weather. The central part of the gardens is aligned with true north and the Paris Meridian. In fact, the palace is built exactly on the Meridian. There are small snack bars in the gardens in addition to the several restaurants. There’s a central pond in this part of the gardens where kids can rent toy boats. We are looking towards the eastern entrance on the boulevard Saint-Michel. Some of the trees in planters (palms, orange trees) are not native to France.  Car hire comparison websites are a great way to save cash.

The chairs exist in several styles, some straight, some laid back. That’s the Paris Observatory in the background, and we’re right on the meridian. The sign authorizes people to sit and relax on this particular lawn. There’s a big playground for kids in the gardens, although you have to pay to go in. There are also game courts for basketball and other sports. This is one of the paved north-south paths in the park. There are also courts for pétanque, a very popular game in France. And there are tables with built-in chessboards for those who like that game. Tennis players are also accommodated; there’s something for everyone. I’m an inveterate stroller, myself, in case you haven’t noticed. There are usually quite a few people in the park, if the weather is good. But it’s still way quieter than the average Paris street and far from loud motorways full of rental cars.

It’s even prettier and more relaxing than it looks here, too. This video doesn’t show everything in the gardens, unfortunately. I’ll try to make a better one at some point in the future. Here’s something that might seem a bit incongruous in a Parisian park. Yup, it’s a miniature Statue of Liberty. It’s a working model of the real thing that was donated by the sculptor. I love these gardens, they’re pretty as a postcard. Look how beautifully this lawn is kept! This path is on the east side of the gardens. The gardens are quiet enough that you can hear the leaves in the trees. Unfortunately the wind whistling over the microphones is a bit noisy. If you’re among the idle rich, you can spend a whole day reading a book here. Sorry, I just can’t resist walking around, looking and listening. This little stand sells candy and toys to the many children in the gardens. Another little restaurant. It’s nice to eat outside on a day like this. I haven’t shown you the beehives or the Medicis fountain or some other stuff. I’ll try to be more comprehensive next time. Sorry. It’s hard to do justice to the Luxembourg Gardens in a video.


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